You Should Be Using GMB in Your Marketing Strategy 

Google My Business is More Than a Directory Listing

Google My Business allows you to create and verify your local business listing on Google so people can find you when they’re doing a local search.

Once you’ve activated your business, your location and contact information will appear on Google Maps. Potential customers will be able to see your business listing for related services near them and even be able to get step-by-step driving directions to your front door!

But there are many more advantages to Google My Business than just having an interactive directory listing on Google. With time, you’ll notice a boost to your SEO and an increase in visitors to your website.

In fact, local optimization has quickly become a key factor to ranking high in Google’s search results. That’s why it’s vitally important to use Google My Business in your digital marketing strategy. But if you need more convincing, here are 4 reasons more to start using Google My Business today:

Increase Your Revenue

Yes! Google My Business will help you generate more revenue! That’s because your completed listing builds your business visibility in Google Maps and Google Search for your local community online. It also gives searchers direct and quick access to contact you, visit your website, or even visit your physical location. What’s more, it does all this for FREE.

Currently, 81% of retail shoppers conduct online research before buying BUT according to Google, 61% of consumers would rather shop with brands that have a physical location. Also, nearly 80% of shoppers go in-store when there is an item they need or want immediately.

What that tells you is consumers are searching online locally, then physically going to the businesses they find in their results. This shows the real value of maintaining your listing in Google My Business and how that can affect your bottom line!

Gain Consumer Insights

Did you know Google My Business features an “Insights” tab which offers access to all kinds of analytics for your business? You can even customize the tab for what works best for your business with data on things like visibility, engagement, and audience. This is valuable information you can use to improve your website, marketing, and sales.

Earn Your Customers’ Trust

Online consumers constantly face the question, “Can I trust this business enough to make this purchase?” There are just so many risks involved with online shopping. But when customers can see that your business has an actual brick and mortar location, you help them make that jump a little easier. In fact, when your business shows up in a local search, consumers are 2.7 times more likely to trust your brand.

Make Getting Reviews a Breeze

One of the best ways to influence a potential customer’s decision today is with reviews, especially since they’re likely to research or shop online. With a Google My Business listing, customers can easily review your business and leave feedback for others to see. Over time, you’ll build up your positive ratings and give your business a healthy boost over any competing businesses nearby.

As you can see, the benefits of listing your company with Google My Business are many. It’s much more than just a directory tool! In fact, we’re so confident in the difference that Google My Business will make for your organization that we created this FREE checklist to help you get started. Download it today to harness the power of Google My Business for your marketing strategy! And if you ever need help with other aspects of marketing for your business, remember we’re here to help. Just give us a call at (402) 810-6971.

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