Leverage the Power of Your Google My Business Listing 

When someone searches online for a service you offer, Google My Business is a simple way to ensure your business shows up in the results – particularly if you’re located nearby. Best of all, Google My Business has been busy adding features that make it easier to generate more leads and sales from your listings.

However, it seems few businesses are fully leveraging these awesome new features. So, we created this post to help you learn what you might be missing out on. Are you leveraging the full power of your Google My Business listings? Let’s find out!

Google My Business Welcome Offers

One of the easiest ways to encourage more sales is to offer discounts or coupons and Google knows people are looking for ways to save money. That’s why Google My Business has made it possible to introduce customers to your business with a new feature called “Welcome Offers.”

Now you can reward your customers for following your business. You can offer them first-time deals and encourage them to keep in touch and see when new deals are available. Not only will this bring in new customers, but you can keep them coming back with notifications every time you have a new offer.

Google My Business “Request for Quote”

Google recently added “Request a Quote” functionality via a button in your business listings which can also be seen on mobile devices. Now, people who find your business through a Google search can ask for a quote directly from your Google My Business listings!

You can even read your quote requests and reply to them within the Google My Business App, making it super easy to connect with your customers for a quick sale.

Claim your Short Name and URL

You can claim a Short Name and URL for your Google My Business listings. If you haven’t done so already, make sure you do it before it gets taken by someone else. But remember to choose wisely. You can only change your short name three times per year.

You might not think this is important, but it’s not easy to share your Google My Business profile on business cards, emails, and text messages when you have a huge URL. With a short name, your profile can be easily shared and customized to match your brand. This makes it simple for your customers to read updates and posts about your business, make reservations, read and write reviews, see what deals you have, and more!

Google My Business Checklist

10 things you can do to make your Google My Business page attract new customers.

Google Assistant Orders

Did you know customers can order from restaurants and stores via Google Assistant? All they have to do is click on “Order Now” in your Google My Business listings and choose pick-up or delivery. They can even schedule pick-up or delivery times. Payment happens through Google Pay or they can add payment information through the process. And if the customer has placed previous orders, it will let them see those.

Similarly, customers who have it set up can order through Google Assistant by voice.

Clearly, this perk works best for restaurants and other delivery businesses. But you can expect to see more ways Google My Business integrates with Google Assistant, so keep tabs on this feature.

Meanwhile, if you have a delivery business model, keep updating your menus online and make sure everything remains consistent with your service carriers so your customers get the best service possible just by visiting your Google My Business listings.

Your Profile Cover Photo

If you haven’t chosen a profile cover photo in your Google My Business image carousel yet, now is the time. There is even a place for logos at the top-right of your profile, next to your business name. This is an additional feature and will be prominently featured with your business name, address, and phone number, along with your business hours.

Choosing a cover photo that represents your brand will help you stand out in Google search results. People are visual creatures, so make sure you’re catching their eye!

Create Tangible Presence

You can order custom items such as stickers and posters from Google to create a tangible presence for your customers and encourage them to follow you on Google My Business. You can even order signs like “Follow us on Google.” This service is offered free of charge, although you are only allowed one shipment per location.

You can also use Google’s built in editor to create your own poster, then download and print it yourself or with a local printing company – or just share them on social media.

How did you do? Were you aware of these awesome Google My Business features? Are you using them in your business? If you’re not leveraging the full power of Google My Business in your marketing strategy, make the change today! It’s offered free of charge and helps you compete in the market. Furthermore, it gives your customers easy access to your reviews, services, deals, and more. 

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